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2018 Hall of Fame Cards


So last year I got into collecting Football Cards. Like any rookie I started collecting Rookie cards, then signature cards, error cards, Hall of Fame Cards and of course Tom Brady cards. Which can be worth as much as a small mansion or a down payment on a house! (see links on the right) Through it all I have discovered the best collection to buy is the Hall of Fame collection each year. The best brand of card (in my opinion) would be Panini. They seem to make the most sought after cards. This year, as they have since 2012, they received the contract to produce the 2018 Hall of Fame Introduction Set. The Hall of Fame Sets only have 5-8 cards each and are only produced for that year. ( I have 2000 (Topps) - 2018) Panini made a Brian Dawkins error card and the collector who sold me two sets for $13.00 each, was the one who discovered it. Below is the e-mail he sent us.

"Hi Guys, I am sending you this email because of some breaking news that I wanted to let you know regarding the new 2018 Panini football hall of fame sets or singles that I have sold you. This just happened on Friday so this news is so fresh that very few people, if any know about it in the collecting world. The only reason I know about it is because I was the one that told the hall of fame and while I was still on the phone with them, the hall of fame "blew up" over the news. Let me know your thoughts on this email." Neil

"ATTENTION" The football hall of fame just found out that the Brian Dawkins card in this year's hall of fame set is actually a picture of Lito Sheppard. They have ordered an immediate recall of all set packs from the hall of fame and any other outlet stores that sell them. This means that I may be selling the only sets and singles on the open market. I also may be selling the only "error version" Brian Dawkins singles and sets that include his error version card. Get then while they last. There may not be any others available in time for this year's induction ceremony if you don't get them here."

The Brian Dawkins Card on June 22, 2018 was worth $38.50 (see what's it's worth today) and the 2018 Hall of Fame Set with the error card included, was worth $65.00 (see what it is worth today)

My grandson's Aiden and Jason should make out pretty well when I leave them their NFL Football Card Books years from now. I've collected a lot of the favorites including most of the QB signature cards, error cards, sets, and rare cards.

This page will showcase some of the cards my grandson's will end up getting in their books. I'll also give out some tips on collecting cards (in our price range of course) and how to make your "investment" pay-off in the future. I hope this page will be interesting enough for you to check out each week.


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