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Welcome To "It's A Hard Gronk Life Fantasy Football League Website"

Are we ready for some football? I sure the hell am! This year we will once again battle for the coverted 2019 Fantasy Football Trophy. However, this year we are going to ask everyone for a $50.00 entry fee. The payouts will be paid out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.winner First place will receive $300.00 and the "It's A Hard Gronk Life" 2018 Fantasy Football Trophy. 2nd place gets $150.00 and 3rd place winner will get their entry fee back, $50.00

Our links include a Members area which means nothing at all..lol, a cheerleaders page that I will update weekly (cause who wants to see the same girls over and over?) and of course NFL Football Links to help you along your way to defeat.. I mean victory. ;-) NFL Football Card Link showcasing some of the cards I've collected. Last year the Square Board was not used and I am going to resurect it once again. The link below will take you to the 2019 Square Board Page

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The igaugural season for "It's A Hard Gronk Life" kicked off last year with KC 42 - NE 7 (Bill) taking First Place. Of course we figure he must have cheated..lol. OOB Beach Bums (Randy) was 2nd with Ricky Bobby (Matt) taking third. This year we will have Ten player instead of 8 and the "Rookie" (Bruce) now has his first year under his belt. That should prove interesting. Lets not forget how Matt has been in the running evey year since his first rookie days.

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